Trip With Sari Musdar

Trip With Sari Musdar
Spring Euro Trip With Sari Musdar

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Time will heal your hurt, forgiveness accelerate the healing process

Last evening, I just made revolution in relationship matter.

As for everyone who ever read my 1st Novel, Cinderella in Paris, especially Chapter 2 (the story of Banu, my classmate at Law School), will condemn the guy named Banu, I keep my anger in my heart for years.
Writing the story on a book is one of my healing therapy. But yet, it is not really make all the bad memories fade away.

Until 1 week ago, when I find a wedding party invitation on my Law School mailing list, a great idea come across in my mind. Inspired by my best friend Irna, I then determine to attend the party. I don’t care if my friends not come, I must show up at his wedding party, as evidence, I already forgive and forget all his mistake to me long time ago. So, this my mission in week-end!!

After finishing my talk show at Women Radio, full of guts, like army ready for war, I then leave Imperium Tower, heading to the garden party. Yes I determine to convey my happiness for him. At taxi, in inter junction  between Kuningan and Mampang, I reconsider my mission. Do I need do this? Why I have to do this? It’s better if I go home and pamper there rather than engaged myself in awkward situation? I never communicate with this person, and I come to his wedding party alone (read as : I don’t show off my boyfriend)?

But then my wise voice defeat my doubt, If I don’t this, maybe I will regret, maybe I still cant forgive him and move on.

So, here it comes, I am on the queue of the invitations waiting to say hi to the groom and bride. I have no idea where the positive energy comes, I feel excited, brave and tremendously happy!! I

Right on his face, I give my biggest smile, and say, “Congratulation S, I am happy for you” and he is bit surprise, automatically say” hai Sari, nice you come!” Ah, he remember my name, after keep ignoring me for years, even when we were in same room in reunion events.

Again, time will heal your hurt, forgiveness accelerate the healing process my friends

Sari Musdar
Illustration : The Butterfly, Melbourne Zoo, taken by Sari at 2008

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