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Bromo, hidden paradise over the clouds (east Java)

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Mount Bromo, perhaps the only volcano in Java, which is still active, easily accessible so that the place is a favorite destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Being and see this mountain, a sensation as detached and lost in the realm of gods.

How to reach Mount Bromo?

By plane or train:
1. From Surabaya you can take a bus to Terminal Purubaya Purbolinggo from continuing to rent a car for the trip to Route Ngadisari Cemoro Lawang (Bromo).

2. From Malang you can ride the small bus terminal towards Overlapping Arjosari, followed by public transportation to Ngadas.
For ease and comfort, I personally prefer the path from Surabaya and I suggest you have arrived at Purbolinggo before noon because after that no cars are up to the Mount Bromo.
Bromo, this might be the only place on the island of Java that is not hot. Relatively cool air temperatures during the day, but very cold at night can reach 5 degrees Celsius or 0. Highest rainfall in the period November to March and peaked in January and February, in this period are advised not to go to Bromo.
What are the attractions in Bromo?

The most popular activity and should be done in Bromo, of course, to see the beauty of the scenery at sunrise. From the hotel where you stay in the Cemoro Lawang, you can climb to Mount Bromo and Mount Penanjakan, the best time for this is before dawn.
Usually every hotel provides rental services Jeep (containing 5 people at a cost per person of about 75 thousand rupiah (USD 7.5) plus a jacket or a total of 350 thousand (USD 35)). Around Mount Bromo itself if anyone wants to try out the sensation of riding a horse, or fatigue, you can rent a horse for 50 thousand to 100 thousand. For you photography enthusiasts, this is the time your camera to witness the tremendous natural beauty of Indonesia. Let your camera record the color change from orange tinge concentrated orange mixed into the blue sea to sea of ��white clouds and the majestic Mount Bromo.
Mount Bromo, located in the caldera better known as the Sand Sea. With great mountain views surrounded by a sea of sand, it's no wonder the place is a favorite spot for photographers.
To rise to the top, you have to climb 2500 steps made of concrete. At the foot of this mountain you can see the Hindu temple (Poten) standing in the middle of the sea of sand.
Penanjakan mountain (altitude about 2770 m), is one of the peaks are often called Viewpoint # 1, located in the north of the caldera. If you often see pictures of tourist icons Bromo, most magical scenery is taken from here.
Mount Semeru, can be climbed for about 2 days for professional climbers. To be able to climb, you need a license from pertugas that you can find in the Office of the National Park, since the mountain is still active,
Did you know? According to ancient Hindu-Javanese stories, three mountain above is the spiritual axis of the universe and the beginning of creation.

Mount Batok (with a height of 2.
440m) brown volcano in the middle of the northern part of the caldera that has been dormant and overgrown vegetation datarann ��some high like cypress.
Lake Ranupani and Ranu Regulo:. If you want to disappear for a moment from the crowded of  city, indulge your self look at the lake is always foggy, or dramatize the beauty of the lake through landscape photos, you should not miss this spot. Ranupani lake located adjacent to the Village Ranupani which is also the starting point for hikers who want to climb Mount Semeru.

Tengger home. Colorful house would look more dramatic in the photo processed your camera. According to the fable about, Tengger tribe is descended from Joko Seger and Roro Anteng (descendants of the kingdom of Majapahit) who fled to Bromo when Islam began to grow rapidly in the kingdom of Majapahit kingdom and establish new blend their names with the name Teng-ger (Roro Anteng and Joko Seger).
this is real

Madakaripura waterfall. To reach the waterfall with a view that is not less beautiful with attractions that I mentioned earlier, from Sukapura you need to Wean Tongas towards the village. There are many reasons why you should see this waterfall, in addition to refresh / relax yourself and make images of objects, according to local belief, a cold shower from the waterfall Madakaripura can make you younger. In fact it has been said this place was the first hymn Elephants meditate.

Souvenirs typical of Bromo is from the fur hat and scarf with the word BROMO.
Culinary Tour
In general, each hotel provides regular food you have encountered anywhere, but the following places should be noted:
1. Bromo Corner Cafe, (at Cemoro Lawang, right next to the National Park Office) provides food and coffee Bromo Indonesia maknyus dicecapi fitting in the cold Bromo.
2. Waroeng Basuki, still in Cemoro Lawang serving traditional foods such as tofu tek East Java, salad cingur and Peranakan cuisine at affordable prices.

Places to stay
Cemoro Lawang
 Beautiful fir +62 335 541019
Excess hotel is a direct view of Mount Bromo, you can sit in the restaurant looking at Mt. Prices range from IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) 100,000 to 350,000 (the more expensive the room, the more comfortable because you can enjoy the warm water). Shortage, many are asking jeep extra tip to deliver / pick you up when making trip "Sun Rise".

 Lava Cafe, (near the park), for those who go with a limited budget.
 Bromo Permai Hotel, Jl Raya Cemoro Lawang, Ngadisari, +62335 23 459.
 Lava View Lodge,  +62335 541 009. Prices range from Rp 375.000, may be recommended.
 Yoschi's, +62 335 541018, famous among the backpacker world, just located a little away from Cemoro Lawang (Tengger tribe village). Lodging with this simple form has 24 rooms and 2 cottages for families / groups denagn prices starting from Rp 104.000.

For those of you who like camping, do not worry. Parks Cemoro Lawang have this facility. But for that, apart from having to get permission from the managing pertugas Cemoro Lawang Park, anad must remember that the air is very cold at night, make sure you are equipped with a jacket and a sleeping bag that can warm you.

The address you need to note:
 Office of the National Park Bromo-Tengger-Semeru, Jalan Raden Intan No6, Malang, East Java, +62341 491 828 (

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