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Trip With Sari Musdar
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Ladies, Men do care with your makeup :-)

Sometime I do not understand, why women must waste their time for makeup. Do they do it to get men's  attention or merely to make their selves look charmer and boost their confidence?

Along time ago, before I doing eye-surgeon (when I still wear minus 7-eye glasses),  I never use mascara or eye shadow. Then I notice some females colleagues who spend 20 minutes for wearing all kinds of makeup on their faces, I learn how to upgrade my appearance. One of my colleague says I have a beautiful-oriental- eyes and long-curly-eyelashes , then she train me how to use mascara. What a me-time I really enjoy as woman ^_^

I never realize, when exactly that ritual becomes a routine activity before I leave home. Actually I don’t like makeup like some girls who can’t live without lipstick, blush-on, mascara, eye-shadow on their faces, I don’t need to use all the makeup as if I need mask to hide my origin face, but I can’t leave home without mascara and lipbalm, to show off the asset on my face lol.

Until  a couple days ago when I am chatting with the guys, some of them ask me, “what’s the name of makeup tools to make women’s cheeks reddish or pinky? Does eye shadow can be applicable on cheek? Why women want to spend 5- 10 minutes to use all kinds of makeup tools? They do it for us? Cause I must admit, when I go to office at train, I take a glance on their cheek and eyes and I notice the color change on their faces levery day ol”

I can’t stop laughing. I will not let those men satisfied, knowing we, women,  makeup only for them. For me, I wear mascara and lipbalm for the sake of my happiness, cause when I look charming, I am more confident and happy, when I am confident, I believe I can over the days though there are many obstacles facing my day ^_^

Sari Musdar

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