Trip With Sari Musdar

Trip With Sari Musdar
Spring Euro Trip With Sari Musdar

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Synopsis Cinderella in Paris (english)

This is not another Cinderella story. This just a story of a modern girl living in developing country on the way to pursue her true happiness.

This story is a piece of the life story of a woman who moved into adulthood. One time she realized she was already almost thirty years old and she is the only child in his family who has not been married and the saddest thing, she does not have candidate for her future husband. Based on the fact and statistical data on the age of marriage in her families, fear of bad labeling in his country as “old virgin lady”, Saras Ratiban tried in every manner, whether a reasonable way that she learned from woman's magazines as well as ways out of his reason as a woman who always think logically and also unreasonable way.

Three years after a fairly persistent efforts she was in boredom coupled with the office routine and the work load like crazy, Saras decided to start as a backpacker trip to Europe with friend who had met only six months in the course. The trip was really intermezzo in her life a fun and adventurous, at least before her friend Vanny transformed into frenemy, friends but enemies. In the midst of grief for someone who betrayed her, accidentally while trying to escape from street painter, she met Stephane in one Cafe in Montmartre, Paris.

Can Sarah over come all the social pressure in Indonesia, and after all the journey find her true love?
sari Musdar

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