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Trip With Sari Musdar
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one of my inspiring indonesian person : Reynald Kasali

If you ever read or watch biography of outstanding persons or some of great leaders, you may see on one of  their pictures, a picture when they met an inspiring person for them.

Let say, the former US president Bill Clinton who met  George Bush or Obama who shaken his hand with another former US President on his photo.

I believe all the great person, a person who can achieve their dreams by his efforts, really inspiring, motivates us to believe, by working hard, smart and keep optimistic, we can make our dream become real.

And one of Indonesian inspiring person for me is Rhenald Kasali, for his creative idea about change!
He even not only transfer the idea from mind to books, but also make it visible and touchable in reality, by all his programs which give benefit to people living around his house.

I am grateful that God gives me opportunity for meeting him, be the eyewitness of his bright brain and idea, talking to him, really motivate me, his wording  such as a charger for me.
Oh btw, I also met those brilliant and charming girls at Femina events. 

Thanks Pak Rhenald.

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