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Trip With Sari Musdar
Spring Euro Trip With Sari Musdar

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Intermezzo : fashion Photography

God has tremendously scenario, that something funny, in answering our wishes. 

I always enjoy watching TV Program "American/ Australia next model" because I love to observe beauty of women, I love fashion and I love to make women look more beauty in my picture. 

And this Saturday, all my above-mentioned wishes come true, I attendet fashion photography workshop, one of the model is runner up at "Rusia next model", and my pic is listed as #5 best photo at the competition 

Every women have their beauty, fashion & photographer make them look edgy 

I do believe, every woman from every race has it own beauty, it's the task of photographer to dig the beauty

As fashion Photographer, we not only talk about technique in photography, but also improve our taste in art, decide the mood we want to share to people by choosing the right wardrobe, model, etc.

we also must have a good interpersonal skill to the model, make up artist and stylist so they can help translating our want/ mood to the great pictures.

not only produce beautiful pictures, but also must create pictures that show the beauty of the dress / indirectly "sell" the dress/ gown to the fashion magazine's reader

Model : Yulia M (runner up at "The next Rusia Top Model" session ) for the androgini/ gothic look. 
Beca for classic look, Tracy for glamour mood.

all pics are taken & directed by Sari Musdar (Canon D 550, Manual, Stutter speed 1/125 F10 Iso 100 + extra external flash for classic, continuous flash for glamour mood, manual Syutter speed 1/25, F18, iso 400 for androgini / Yulia M)
BTW, I got #5 best photo at this workshop :-)

find out more pictures at

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