Trip With Sari Musdar

Trip With Sari Musdar
Spring Euro Trip With Sari Musdar

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One story, one evening at Williamstown Marina, Melbourne, Australia

Only me and the seagulls who wanna enjoy the spring sun shine at tranquil evening 

 Williamstown of Melbourne is on the western side of the CBD and can 
be reached by road, ferry or sea plane. It is a very popular destination
 for tourist visiting this Victorian City of Australia. 

The sea port town was established in 1837 as Melbourne’s first port. 
It is also fast becoming a prestigious sea side residential paradise as value 
of properties here  skyrocketed in recent years. 


Visitors can have a beautiful walk along The Strand on the 
water front and all around to the western side along Esplanade 
where there is a sandy beach. Williamstown is also home for 
ship-building where the Royal Australian Navy has a present.

Article & Pictures by Sari Musdar

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