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Trip With Sari Musdar
Spring Euro Trip With Sari Musdar

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"Petak 9", an exotic Chinese Heritage at the hectic Jakarta

Located in the middle of hectic Jakarta and densely populated, "Petak 9" is the hidden beauty and exotic culture of the ancestral heritage of China.

Petak 9"  is one of the bustling Chinatown in Jakarta visited landscape photography enthusiasts and foodies "Peranakan" (china and Indonesia)  cuisine.

The best place to be visited is the temple Jin De Yuan (Dharma Bakti Temple). This temple was built in 1650 by a Chinese lieutenant named Kwee Hoen and named Koan Im Teng (meaning : Pavilion Koan Im) . There was also a smaller temple Toasebio than the temple Jin De Yuan. Red color with a fine distinctive look to dominate China. Not to mention the smell of incense and the flickering light of lanterns are lit after cleaning every Lunar welcome. 

Culinary Tour
Walk along this spot  had to be prepared to withstand a variety of temptations. Taking down a small alley which will lead to the 'heart' Petak Sembilan, a variety of snacks seems calling visitor. Our nose will smell the fragrant aroma and "cempedak" fried dumplings. In addition, there are sellers cake, fresh fruit with visible quality above average, or iced Mayang scarf that is very rare in Jakarta.
Likewise with a cart containing " pi oh " alias machinations, roast duck, noodles, dumplings and fried meatballs. Do not miss also the Ice Café "Tak Kie". These coffee shops that really meet the criteria to be called Kopitiam (coffee shop). This stall just selling coffee and other beverages, while the food is supplied from other smaller stall around.
For lunch, stop at the food court that is used as the set of Berbagi Suami ' movie. There is Kangkung Mi Tall, vermicelli Lam typical Medan.
Shopping Tour

Ranging from traditional medicine, various sweets, food, artifacts typical of China, or household appliances can be purchased. As in Stores Tian Liong which is a paradise for those who like to cook. Various kitchen utensils from the old school, traditional to modern.
Or drug store, one of which is Karti Djaja Drug Stores d / h Hok Seng Tong 34. Place of business which occupies the old building was sold various kinds of traditional Chinese herbal medicines, such as herb pills, tablets, or capsules. At "Petak 9", you can also find a number of sinshes the open practice of traditional medicine.

To buy souvenirs, there Kawi shop. Duck sauce, egg pitan, chestnuts, ketch, red yeast rice, and dry food needs are not always available in the supermarket you can easily meet and take it for a souvenir.

Enjoy "old & Romantic Jakarta" 

Article & Pictures by Sari Musdar 

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