Trip With Sari Musdar

Trip With Sari Musdar
Spring Euro Trip With Sari Musdar

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Talk Show Global Youth Feast at AIESEC local committee of Univ of Pajajaran

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GYF Unpad Dipati Ukur conducted in the 4th floor of Ruang Serbaguna Rektorat Unpad 2013. The theme of the event is “See Glints of Central Dipati Ukur on September 25th Eastern Europe” because AIESEC Bandung Unpad Jatinangor had intention to promote Global Youth Ambassador Program (GYAP) or exchange program to all over Central Eastern Europe.

The content of the event are Exchange Participant Returnee Sharing which brought by Zakky Hirza (been exchange to Slovakia) and Azkarina (been exchange to Thailand). They courage the university student to go exchange with AIESEC and feel the life changing experience. Because when they were going exchange, they personally really feel developed and international environment that they met during their exchange time. 

Also GYF Unpad had Youth Talk with Nabilla (Exchange Participant of Ajou University in Japan), Deden Khairudin (Indonesia Mengajar), and Sari Musdar (author of Cinderella in Paris). Nabilla shared her experience abroad and get out of your comfort zone. 

Also Sari Musdar Courage indonesian young people to go travel abroad because she saw when we are still young, it is the right time to see the world. So, she courage the young people to go travel and meet different people and go to so many places. 

Besides, Deden Khairudin courage the indonesian young people to contribute what they can do to Indonesia society, even only in smallest thing. Increase the sense of belonging to our own country, which is Indonesia. Help the child, which is the new generation of Indonesia so that in future, they can help Indonesia to become a better place to live.

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