Trip With Sari Musdar

Trip With Sari Musdar
Spring Euro Trip With Sari Musdar

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Being a writer also should be good in public speaking

Cause in the era when Social media such as facebook, Twitter, blog, pinterest has important role in marketing, a writer not only should good in writing, but also speak in front of public (his / her readers in an event) and market his/her self by social media.

Pictures : Be First (Bentang Pustaka) Travel w
riters at "Travelers Talk" at Gramedia Ekalokasari, Bogor : Rosa Indah, Rini Raharjanti, Sari Musdar  Trinity
pesta buku di Gramedia Blok M Jakarta

Pictures : 2 of my books

being a writer, even though originally you are shy, introvert, but when your book get published, you have to be warm, nice to your readers.

should explain well about your books to the readers, and also readers at Radio

and express your gratitude to readers who like doing crazy with your book

and parents who influence their kids like my books :-)

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