Trip With Sari Musdar

Trip With Sari Musdar
Spring Euro Trip With Sari Musdar

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Ampera Bridge, Palembang, South Sumatra, was the longest bridge at ASEAN in 1965

Ampera Bridge is one of famous iconic building in Indonesia, located at Palembang, South Sumatra.

This 1,117 m-length-bridge connected "Seberang Ilir" and "Seberang Ulu" over the Musi river. Built in 1965, at that time this bridge proclaimed as the longest bridge at Southern East Asia.

Unfortunately, Palembang not really promote it self as one of touris destination in Sumatra. It's hard to find information about this city when you step your feet here. Even people who work at tourism field not really aware about Palembang/ South Sumatra tourism, compare to Yogyakarta, Bali or Bandung.

Well, at least you can enjoy the local food : "pempek" (fish cake), Engkak cake, Delapan Cake, Martabak har, or buy "songket" (traditional hand made material).

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