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Tips for blogger who wanna be travel writer

Traveling, even in South Asia countries, nowaday become life style, and many young travelers, I bet you also do this, love to share their stories, traveling/ culinary experiences and tips at blog. 

Even many famous travel writers in Indonesia started they career -if i may use that wording- from keeping updating their blog. 
How to make your blog more interesting and read by many people who need information about a tourism spot?

Here they are the tips : 

1.      Be stand out : try to write a place that not million people write about it, or if you write of popular tourism spot, write one subject from your angle or write with different style (people only get the information from your blog)

2.      Informative: Suppose that you want to go to a place, what information you need to have? You will think these information : how to get there, what to do at the place,how to minimize the budget, how to trip safely, what the interesting activities or events or places that other town does not have, etc. 

    Now as bloger, it’s your job to satisfy people who seek information about the place, then people who googling some words will be directed by search engines to your blog, and if they satisfy, they will mark your blog as favourite or referrence for traveling information / tips.

3.      Do not tend to be narcist : several bloggers like to put story that people do not want to know such as meet a crush (you better write it at a novel) or put too much narcistic pictures (it's OK to show off at your Facebook's profile, unless you wanna be only a blogger). If you put some pictures, let the photos attract people to come to the place 

4. Give brief information : We live in modern era where everyone very busy, make your article very brief, at least people take only 5-10 minutes to read it. If you want to share many subjects, cut it per sub subject

Happy blogging :-) 
Sari Musdar 

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