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voir la vie en rose - believe your dream and make it happen

Somewhere in 2006, after made my contemplating traveling to some countries in Europe, I watched Oprah Winfrey discussing about "The Secret"

I think that book not only talking some mambo jumbo like any other books from people who call their selves "Motivator" until a person like Oprah invite the writer and also the contributors, "there is something that this book wanna say to world", I mumbled.

So just like commanded by mantra, the day after Oprah Show, I buy "The Secret". It feels like God talks directly to me. Yes Quran also brings same message, i merely need confirmation. The Secret confirm me about the value sometime I believe, and another time I doubt.

I need to start my life as new Sari, need to determine my next life, my future and my own rules facing my own life.

I read this book by my heart, I need to change my life, my boring story of life. Rhonda Byrne asked  readers to change the way of thingking about life, and how to reach our dreams. She recommends us to make "Board of vision".

So i bought strerofoam (did i write this right?) and pick some pictures from magazine that describe close to my dreams.

I put pictures of house, car, work in mining site, Australia, just-married-couple, my novel's cover etc

I havent started or even type one word or have concept about my book, i just designed a cover of my book, that's it.

till in 2008 when i was in my sister's house in Melbourne, I have a great idea, write a non-fiction book about story of 30s'single women in Indonesia, kind of self help book.

I already typed two  chapters, I met an editor at internet who like the idea.
Then an accident happen, my aussie-cheeky-nephew, throw soft drink on my lap top. BLUE SCREEN. all my job and files at lap top gone. I cried like little kid, but he is only little cheeky Aussie boy, what I should do? I cant get mad on him.

I asked to God, "Hey God, why you didnt make this easier??? my editor keep pushing me up to finish my book sooner, and at second, all my work in Melbourne, gone with the soft drink!!!!

I gave up, OK I got the message, have a book published remain a dream, maybe The Secret only another motivator's book, only good to sell dream.

Couple months after I'm back to Jakarta, I kill the idea of writing a book. Maybe the rest of my life i only be a blogger. OK i must forget my dream.

Then I read "Laskar Pelangi Novel. It's a story about a young man from Belitung, a poor boy with a GREAT dream. I dont have an awakening story like Andrea Hirata, but I have an interesting life too. I am thinking about to change the idea, from non fiction  story of 30s single person in Indonesia to a novel (fiction) based on my story and my female friends' story.

I modify my Vision's board, put a cover of my novel, and put "best seller" mark on it. AM I CRAZY? Definitely ! People,or  maybe my sibling will  deem I am a day dreamer. I dont care what my sibling or others who notice my visions' board comment.

If you dont believe, please dont mock on me, that's my dreams let me believe  someday God IS GOING TO bring it on to me. Thanks God they dont laugh at me, they just smiled :) they know I am a dreamer, I am kind of weird sibling, when I was kid I like talking to my imaginary best friend :))

To short the story, finally Cinderella in Paris published in May 2010. I must passed winding road to make this happen such as rejected by an editor from big publishing company, she sent a response, "Sorry, we cant publish your novel, the story completely doesnt make sense for me!"

I am angry, "what the heck?? That's novel is based on my story life!!! How come you said it doesnt make sense? Are you God?"

Ok maybe my book not deserve to be published or read by thousands people .

I gave up at second time. Then I got enlightment, even Laskar Pelangi not success at the first time it was launched. Dee Lestari also rejected by editor at big publisher.

WHO AM I? I am a new writer, people dont know me and my story not really as superb as Andrea Hirata! It's simply a book about 30s single woman who confused about her life and couldnt stand any more with social pressure, quit from her job and did solo traveling to some countries in Europe
It's very simple novel, who gonna read it???

I even not really confident people will read it and like my novel, at that time Laskar Pelangi is booming.
I dont have a heroic story like him, boohooo i wish I am Andrea Hirata.

So, I choose not to react emotionally, I read again the draft, change some chapter, put a sad and tragic story as climax of this novel but written it in funny way ("Hantu Ci Vivi") and add one chapter after my traveling in Melbourne.

Voila, the final draft is like the Cinderella in paris you read now :)

I believe what The Secret said, I believe my "Visions' Board" will come true. I got my book published, best seller, i worked in mining site at Papua, I went to Aussie, etc, one thing that I really waiting comes in my life, a great lovely husband and nice small family built by love :)))

That's what I write at "Voir la vie en rose", chapter 16 at Cinderella in Paris, it's like the climax at Life of Pi and he get enlightenment.

This evening i just met 2 film maker/ film producer, one is my senior high school mate (I never talked with her when i was in school) who now become a film producer in New York and her colleague, an american (male) film maker.  when i sit in front of them I still cant believe it happen, Iam so sober, always smile bit nervous. This is me on dream or reality? But the pepermint-tea awakening me up, i am in real life, talking with film makers from US who perharps will make all my readers dream come true, see this Novel at big screen of 21 cineplex!

 Hope it can make my late father proud of me and not regret I leave medical school loooooong time ago.

This is the second film producer I met, after another meeting with another outstanding film producer of Habibie Ainun movie (Mr. Anirudya Mitra) a week ago.

I'm so excited!!!

Like Agnes Monica always said, "Dream, believe, make it happen!" She didnt lie :)

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  1. Jadi terinspirasi untuk membuat Vision Board juga. :D

    1. Riska : ayooo buat, teman2 saya (pembaca Cinderella in Paris) juga buat, bbrp dari mereka sdh dapat apa yg dulu cuma mimpi.

      Krn segala yg visual lbh mudah diwujudkan dan memotivasi otak kita drpd sekedar resolusi awal tahunan yg cuma kata-kata


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